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Working Principles

PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) is an advanced gas separation technology,based on the physical adsorption of the internal surface in the internal surface in the adsorbent to gas molecules,separating the gas by the characteristics of absorbing to the quantity of different gas in general pressure. 

The CMS(Carbon Molecular Sieve) is a sorbent picked up from the air,used in separating oxygen and nitrogen molecular.As picture shown,the adsorption quantity of CMS is greatly higher for oxygen than nitrogen does under the same pressure.

PSA nitrogen generator produces N2 gas,using air as raw materials and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent,by the selective adsorption of carbon molecular sieve to 02 and N2,achieving the separation of the N2 and 02 in the air.


1.Compressed Air Purification System.
Remove dust,water and oil in the compressed air,mainly composed of there of three grades filters,freezing-drier and efficient oil removal.

2.Air Buffer System.
Ensure the stable supply of gas for 02/N2 separation system.mainly composed of air tank and valves.

3.Oxygen & Nitrogen Sparation System.
It's the core of the whole equipment.It produdces N2 through PSA technology,composed of two adsorption towers filled with carbon moldecular sieve and automatic control valves

4.Nitrogen Buffer System.
Storage N2 for ensuring the gas supply smothly and continuously.composed of N2 buffer tank,valves and other components.

5.Electrical Control System.
It's the control center of the whole equipment,composed of PLC,eletricalsystems,instrumentation and valves.