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Non-heat regenerative adsorption dryer features

Strictly in accordance with ISO9001. GB150 standard, ISO7183 dryer standard, QS. Pressure vessel inspection specification design, manufacturing, production and testing to ensure safe and reliable operation of the product; reasonable tower structure and control procedures to ensure the impact of compressed air and desiccant Azimuth and contact time;
The adsorbent adopts the national standard high-purity alumina, molecular sieve, vacuum sub-pressure filling method, is not easy to be powdered, and has a long service life.
With the adsorption tank with pressure vessel certificate, the safety performance is guaranteed:
The intelligent controller is used to display the operating parameters in real time with high precision, better system stability and easy operation.
High-performance pneumatic control valve with fast response, long service life and better stability
Equipped with standard low-power solenoid valve, high precision and fast response.
Sound-absorbing silencer, multi-layer fiber material, sound-insulating material, uniquely designed mechanical noise reduction, and lower noise.

Working conditions and technical indicators
Intake air temperature
Regeneration gas consumption
Intake oil content
Pressure dew point
Work pressure

45 ° C
-20-- -40°C

working principle

The non-heat regenerative adsorption dryer is a device for drying compressed air according to the principle of pressure transformation. The moisture in the compressed air is adsorbed under pressure to dry the compressed air, and a part of dry compressed air is used during decompression. The adsorbent is purged to regenerate the adsorbent, and the two columns are alternated and recycled to obtain dry compressed air. Different adsorbents are selected according to different dew point of the compressed air pressure. The commonly used adsorbent has activated alumina and molecular sieve.