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We can help you find the most suitable machines for your needs.

Rotary screw air compressors offer high efficiency at full and part load applications, low installation costs, low noise levels, and 100% duty cycles. Depending on your needs for compressed air a rotary screw compressor may be your best solution, but there are many factors to consider. Contact us for a recommendation. We will help to find the most suitable machines at your need. If we recommend it, we stand behind it!

Features of Direct Drive Screw Air Compressor
1.The direct drive screw air compressor offers high-efficiency Germany rotary air ends.

2.It offers double screw with low noise.
3.It has and elegant compact design and super silenced enclosure.
4.The direct drive screw air compressor has a fully open access door to inner parts for easy service.
5.It offers 100% continuous duty operation and load/no load operation.
6.It has high quality CE certificate industrial electric motors.
7.It offers easy to use and read LCD control panel and PLC control for load/no-load andauto shut-off.
8.It has an easy to service "spin-on" oil filter and separators.
9.It offers high temperature,high pressure,and anti-rotation shutdown.
10.The direct drive screw air compressor offers energy efficient operation.
11.It offers direct-connecting.
12.It offers 5 micron,water-resistant air filtration material.       13.It has CE and UL certificate,and ISO standard is implemented.
14.We offer a one year full machine warranty and a three year air end warranty.
15.To suit the power supply demands in clients’region,we can offer direct drive screw compressors with different working voltages.We can offer air compressors working at following types of power supply conditions

Full set of machine

                                   Equipment Configuration

Detailed components of the machine



1、Electricity Board
  Main electrical components use the world famous brand,greatly improving the   service life.


2、Air Filter
  Original Mann Air Efficient heavy inlet filter to ensure the quality of inlet   air and safety of the air end,improved the life greatly.


3.Oil   filter

Bult-in high   efficiency oil separator core.Ensure the oil content of compressed air below   the 3PPM


4.Oil and Gas Separator
  Bult-in high efficiency oil separator core.Ensure the oil content of   compressed air below the 3PPM


  Using well-known brand high-performance motor,


6.LCD display
  We have English,Spanish,Russia and Chinese language,easy to operate   unattended for 24 hours at work automatically


7.Inlet Valve
  Word famous brands,can be automatically adjusted based on gas consumption.


8.Air End
  GU air end designed based on Germany technology.The high quality air end   ensures the high performance of the machine.