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ariable Frequency Air Compressor Advantages:


DENAIR VSD (Variable Speed Drive) rotary screw air compressors are suitable for customers who need different amount of air supply and extremely accurate pressure. It can facilitate customers to optimize production process and improve productivity.

The principle of VSD is to adjust the motor rotation speed automatically according to the actual air demand. The reduced system pressure decreases the total energy consumption of the whole system, which can reduce energy costs by 35% or more.

The VSD air compressor reduces the energy consumption through the following points:

§  Removing the low efficiency transformation process from the full loading to unloading.

§  Avoiding the power during the unloading process.

§  Keeping the pipeline pressure drop under 0.1bar.

§  Reducing the average working pressure.

§  Lowering the system pressure to reduce the system leakage.

§  The soft starting method increases the current balance and avoids the current surge.

§  A flexible choice from 4 to 13bar which reduces the power consumption most.