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Oil-free Water-lubricated Air Compressor Advantages

§  Clean air 100% oil-free.

§  Optimal isothermal compression.

§  Powerful MAM microcomputer controller and touch screen.

§  Reasonable Structure, with perfect balancing.

§  Components made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials ensure the durability.

§  Significant energy saving, environmental-friendly and pollution-free.

§  Designed especially for medical, pharmacy, instrument, coating, chemical industry and food processing, etc.

§  系统流程图


1Siemens Electricity Board
  Main electrical components use the world famous brand,greatly improving the   service life.


2.Control   Panel

Smart   touch screen design,multi- language LCD

keep   the oustanding performance.




3.Air   End

Shicong   head all stainless steel mainframe, is a fully water lubricated water cooling   compression system. High reliability and long life are fully taken into   account by the Shicong oil-free screw air compressor with no oil or grease   specially designed sealing system within the head to ensure long service   life.




4.Stainless steel tank

Shicong   pressure vessel, stainless steel outer wall to prevent any erosion; unique   spin design to ensure water and steam during compression process; separation,   so that the quality of compressed air is improved. With a humanized   three-stage induction alarm system, the excess water is discharged and less   water is supplied through the system




5.Water Filter

The anti-cleaning filter has a filter   precision of up to 10 × 3000 microns; The main function is to filter the raw   water and automatically clean and drain the filter core, and it is also a   full-flow filter, which directly intercepts impurities in the water by using   the filter screen, the main function of which is to filter the raw water and   automatically clean and drain the filter element, and the main function is to   filter the raw water and automatically clean and drain the filter element.   Removal of suspended matter and particulate matter in water, purification of   water quality, reduction of system dirt, bacteria and algae, rust.




6.The air cooler / water cooler

cooling system is   divided into water cooling and air cooling. The air cooler is composed of   high quality copper tube and stainless steel fin, and the heat transfer   effect is better. The water cooler adopts stainless steel brazing plate, and   the heat transfer efficiency is higher.